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Michigan Baseball Foundation (MBF) considers funding non-profit organizations from the Great Lakes Bay Region. Grant money is intended to fund capital projects; the grants are not intended to fund day-to-day operations.

The decision to fund an organization’s project is determined by one or more of the following guidelines. These guidelines reflect the purposes for which the MBF was founded:

  • The organization contributes to regional economic development

  • The organization is based in the Mid-Michigan area and serves young people

  • The funded project promotes amateur sports, fitness and overall good health

Additional Guidelines:

Some examples of items not supported by MBF grant awards include:

  • Uniforms

  • Programs or events

  • Scholarships

  • Travel expenses

  • Perishable goods

  • Seasonal or routine maintenance needs – ex. Diamond Dust, resurfacing of ball fields

  • Projects more appropriately funded by taxpayers or tuition


MBF prefers to see that the requesting organization contribute funds directly to the project from their own donors or operations.  MBF prefers to not be the “first-in” nor only funding source.  Projects will be completed by the end of the calendar year the grant was received. For guidance with your grant request, please contact Jessica Gillespie at

Creating Community Wins

Michigan Baseball Foundation’s philanthropic efforts demonstrated remarkable diversity in line with our core mission. Alongside our continuous support for sports, fitness, and education, we have maintained strong partnerships with organizations dedicated to promoting inclusivity for individuals with developmental and cognitive challenges. Our steadfast commitment to this charitable outreach within our region remains unwavering.

In 2023, MBF positively impacted 17 non-profit organizations, granting a total of $89,157. To date, our organization has contributed over $1.381 million in charitable grants.

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2023 grant recipients HIGHLIGHTS

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