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The Michigan Baseball Foundation is focused on efforts to increase vibrancy and economic development in and around downtown Midland, Michigan. In collaboration with community partners, we are proud to support the growth, development and continued reinvigoration of our community. With an emphasis on efforts that enhance the quality of life for residents of the Great Lakes Bay Region, our attention is fix on four key areas:

  • Increasing the vibrancy in Downtown Midland through a greater variety of uses, features, and activities

  • Reconnecting downtown by emphasizing safer, more walkable and bikeable streets alongside reinforcing cross town linkages and wayfinding

  • Strengthening downtown as community hub connecting history, culture, recreational activities and the riverfront. By expanding and enhancing trails and adjacent parks, the riverfront will be a more significant feature of downtown

  • Enabling downtown to become a more livable neighborhood by promoting various housing options

vibrancy & Growth


MBF encourages investment in downtown Midland through a Downtown Property Offering collectively marketed on behalf of property owners in the downtown area. These properties are offered for development with partners who will work toward the shared goal of enhancing vibrancy and economic development. Projects to date include the East End mixed-use development, Pathfinder Commons residential development to a new downtown hotel development set to break ground in Spring 2018.

In collaboration with private, public and philanthropic partners, MBF supports the improvement, restoration and activation of downtown Midland’s public spaces.

In 2015, the Michigan Baseball Foundation championed a community visioning effort alongside businesses, civic organizations, philanthropic foundations, and individuals with the goal of increasing vibrancy and economic development in and around downtown Midland.

The resulting movement is dedicated to this shared goal by improving and activating our public spaces and attracting private investment to the core of our community.

the board

William S. Stavropoulos.jpg

William Stavropoulos

Chairman, CEO, President

Bob Rathbun.png

Robert Rathbun

Director, MBF

Paul Barbeau.jpg

Paul Barbeau

Director, MBF


Chris Mundhenk

President, MBO

Terence Moore.jpg

Terence Moore

Director, MBO

Mary Draves.jpg

Mary Draves

Director, MBO


Michael Hayes

Vice President, Secretary

Howard Ungerleider.jpg

Howard Ungerleider

Director, MBF

Sarah Opperman.png

Sarah Opperman

Director, MBF

Greg Grocholski.PNG

Greg Grocholski

Director, MBO

Macauley Whiting, Jr - 2.png

Macauley Whiting, Jr.

Director, MBO

Laura Yockey photo 2023.jpg

Laura Yockey

Director, MBO

Plishka_Bob_110416-1 high res (1).jpg

Robert Plishka

Director, MBF

Lydia Watson MD.jpg

Lydia Watson

Director, MBF

David Ramaker.jpg

David Ramaker

Director, MBF/MBO

John Sampson.jpg

John Sampson

Director, MBO

David Kepler.jpg

David Kepler

Director, MBO

Our staff

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